New Android ICS beta Application Available for Download


New Android ICS beta Application Available for Download

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I have been trying to sync my starred playlist which is like 550 songs and it starts fine over wifi and then I come back to my phone an hour Ater and it has stopped at some percentage. The sync pull down icon is gone and I have to force stop the app to get the sync to pick back up. My SD Card storage isn't anywhere near full. I am syncing the "extreme" version. Looks like this is my biggest issue. I have only seen the lock screen controls once, but that isn't a deal breaker for me seeing as this is such a vast improvement.

The speed is a real improvement, but where is the connection? I don't want to use FB, that is horrible, but as a music lover a scrobbling player is a must!


  1. If I'm not scrobbling the music I hear, it doesn't count!

Yeah I hope Scorbbling is one of the first things they bring back. Either as part of the app as it used to be, or by hooking into the Android APIs to allow a third-party app (ScrobbleDroid, or Simple scrobbler) to pick up the tracks and send them

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I think (if gizmodo is correct) it will be available in the official release.


"There should be Last FM scrobbling up-and-running by the time the app lands in Google Play, too."



Seems like it could be a great update!


However, at the moment I suffer from a little weird problem...


Whenever I choose one of my own playlists the app kicks me out to home screen.

If I choose a playlist I subscribe to, for example a friends, everything works great!


On Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4.

It's cool the new Android app is finally out.

I find it however a little buggy.

First install: repeatedly stuck on Now Playing screen after some multitasking (pressing the closing X without effect).

Second install: the bug seems to have disappeared but now the widget lockscreen is gone...


Phone: Samsung Google Nexus-S (Android 4.0.4)


Update: by logging out then logging in, lockscreen widget is back on Nexus-S (working when playing music)

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Thanks ! 

It's working great Smiley Very Happy

The app works great on my phone.


However, on my Tablet Spotify has now lost it's ability to go into landscape mode, which is the orientation I always use my tablet in. Adding this back in would be great - you could even have a mode with the main app on the left and "now playing" on the right.

Im having an issue with the sync after my phone turns off (either through reboot, it running out of battery or turning it of then on again... yes I am rooted). After my phone turns on again then all of the music that has been synced dissapears from the app and tries to sync again but if I search for the files they are there. Has anyone else encountered this?

I have a galaxy s I9000 running onecosmics 4.2 rom (but the rom itself shouldn't be an issue as it is pretty stable).


Just reinstalled it again and it seems to have fixed the problem... not too sure why the problem occured in the first place though



The offline problem is still there. Nothing changed except the looks. I'm running ICS 4.0.3  on SGS2 and it's still offline whenever not on wifi. Removing offline playlists did nothing, reinstalling did nothing, going to flightmode and bck did nothing, changing the colors of bathroom towels did nothing.


I really hope the final version will fix this. This is getting more than annoying and I'm paying for this, damnit.



@Filth wrote:


The offline problem is still there. Nothing changed except the looks. I'm running ICS 4.0.3  on SGS2 

I have exactly that configuration - ICS 4.0.3  on SGS2 - and for me there's no problem. I'm not running a custom ROM (I use stock unlocked) so perhaps that's the differentiator?

@Afront wrote:

@Filth wrote:


The offline problem is still there. Nothing changed except the looks. I'm running ICS 4.0.3  on SGS2 

I have exactly that configuration - ICS 4.0.3  on SGS2 - and for me there's no problem. I'm not running a custom ROM (I use stock unlocked) so perhaps that's the differentiator?

There's a suggesting that if you are running an app like LBE Privacy Guard which prevents access to your phone's IMEI this could trigger the offline bug. If so, this might suggest that Filth is running such a filter, or perhaps an ad blocker, while Afront isn't.


Would that explain the difference?





Thanks for the suggestions. But I am on Samsung stock ROM, unlocked and not even rooted at the moment.


Neither am I using any apps that should interfere with the IMEI recognition, not the one mentioned or any other. Not even a virus/malware program since I cleaned all "useless" apps before updating to ICS. Smiley Frustrated

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First of all : great update ! It improved stability & ergonomy alot !


Still I got a problem, after playing a while I got stuck on the Now Playing, could not use the sidepane to access playlists anymore. As already reported by Sheugel.


By the way I never saw the widget lockscreen at all !


Phone : Sony Ericsson - Xperia Ray (Android 2.3.4)

I have found that the not does not add the album to playlist when long press on album during search and click add as playlists. It works when you open the album and then click the menu mutton and add as playlists. Also there is no option to add to a specific playlists. I to be able to add a song or entire album to a previously created playlists. the last thing is that it would be nice to have the radio setting in mobile if possible.

Otherwise solid app. Thank you for continuing to improve services for us.

VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.2

anyone know if they are going to send out a few beta's.  this version is obviously in a early beta mode, i hope they just dont release an version to the market without showing us a few veriations?



i love the update but the things im still missing are


1. On ios i can drag the playlist up over the name of the playlist to search the playlist and only the specific playlist selected

     thats a function i used and miss alot. (1545 songs in one of my playlist)

2. Add a song or an album to a previously created playlist

3. When extending the main meny inside a playlist i must press the slidebutton and cannot just press anywhere outside the meny. Annoying.

4. i would love the radiofunction, it isnt as important but would be really nice.


I just wanted to say thanks for letting us choose a quality thats over 1980s tapes 😉


mvll & b

Has anyone had any luck with avrcp? I don't know if it's just my headunit that's being a pain or if they've not implemented them.

I use it in my truck and the steering wheel controls seem to work fine through bluetooth. (Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 with Ford Sync) 


Do your bluetooth controls work with your other music apps?

Yea I've not got a problem with the controls (though pause doesn't work :S) it's the meta data I wanted 😞


Works on iOS, and AFAIK the API is there to do it in Android. Looks like it's not there though, as I tested it with an iPhone after.


Also, is it just me, or does the loop/random setting in the player not seem to last? Everytime I open I have to re-enable the options, which is a bit of a pain! Is there anywhere we can officially leave feedback?



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