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New Android Preview and ALAC

New Android Preview and ALAC

Now that the Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) has been open-sourced (source code available at, I'd really like to see the ability to play these files added to the Android preview while it's still in development, especially since the Spotify desktop application already syncs my lossless files as local files to my phone.
The Android preview tries to play these files, but no sound is generated during playback.

Is this possible?
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Actually, I think I'll upgrade this idea from a suggestion to a bug. Since I synced my playlists through Spotify on my laptop, all of the songs I have in lossless in my playlists are synced over as a local file and won't play in the Android Preview.
Can we get ALAC baked in the next version of the Preview?

Added ALAC support to the wish list:

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Thanks! Hopefully the Android dev team uses that list!

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