New Shuffle Play Algorithm for Xmas


New Shuffle Play Algorithm for Xmas

Casual Listener
Dear Santa, I know what i want for Xmas.

I have 170 or so songs downloaded into a playlist on my Android phone. Same songs play all the time.

Santa, what would be REALLY REALLY good is that on shuffle play, it will play songs randomly, but not repeat any that have been previously played until all 170 have been played. And if I stopped my session, it would remember the history on my play list, and resume randomly working through the remaining songs. Once all 170 songs had been played, it would start the whole process over again.

Likewise, if I choose to shuffle play an artist with a big back catalogue, I want shuffle play to randomly work its way through every single song for that artist until all have been played. And again, if I interrupt shuffle playing the artist but come back later, I want shuffle play to resume where I left off.

I've been a really good boy Santa. Could I have a brand new shuffle play algorithm for Xmas please? That is applied across all platforms, including, please Santa, my Android phone?