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New Spotify UI - very slow responsiveness

New Spotify UI - very slow responsiveness

I have the same problem. Android 13 Reno lite 5, all apps updates in the last year have been the same also with android 12 and other phones. It's not the phone, it's not the app version, it's on Spotify's side. Only when I install an old APK it gets better but I loose all the benefits of the new version. Its so slow it's impossible to use. Please Spotify bring a real solution... Not saying try to clean the cache or reinstall the app. That doesn't solve it!!! 

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Hey @elidealista,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We hope you don't mind us moving your post to a new thread, as it fits better here.


That being said, we'd like to gather some additional info. Would you mind sending the exact Spotify version you're running there?


On another note, since you mentioned you could replicate this behavior on different mobile phones, would you mind sending us the make/model and exact OS of those along with the Spotify version running there?


Just to confirm, is this happening over WiFi? 3G/4G? Both? Do you notice any difference if you switch the internet connection you're using? Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

If possible, you can also send us a video recording of what's happening on your side. You can attach the video in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public, so we can visualize it..


Keep us in the loop!

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The mobile phone that I have is: Oppo Reno lite 5 = CPH2205

Now it has android 13 version (colorOS 13- as Oppo calls it). I updated
it, but both with this and the previous OS, the problem was the same.

The previous phone was a Huawei Mate Pro but I don't have it anymore.
But also even the windows laptop version is slow.

I saw somewhere that it might be beause I have a huge library ... BUT
... if I use the web version, there, it's better.

I used to have a Macbook and there Spotify's app was amazing btw.

About your question happening over WiFi? 3G/4G?

the answer is both. It also constantly says that there's no internet. So
when that happens I try switching with wifi only, with 4G only, both on,

and usually, when only one of them is on, it works again... BUT still
very very slow, the navigation is extremely slow and I have to go back
and forth

to try to load whatever (an artist, an album etc).

I had to install an old APK because ANY updated version of
spotify simply is way too slow.

Hey @elidealista


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Could you ask a friend or a relative to log in to their account on your phone to see if they can replicate this behavior? This will help us determine if the issue is account-related. If you don't know anyone with a Spotify account, you can create one for testing here


On another note, keep in mind that a large library can affect the app's performance. In this case, you can try merging small playlists to see if that makes the difference. 


Let us know how it goes. 

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Hi, I tried with a different account on the same phone and it worked
Then I logged out and the home section loaded slowly (all the images on
that section).
The music navigation on my library started ok and then became slow.

Hi @elidealista,


Thanks for the reply. In that case, it would seem that something on your account is causing the slow performance. The likeliest issue would be if you have a very large number of playlists in your library, both ones you've created and saved playlists from other people, as well as liked songs. The app does in theory support a decent number of those, but it's to be expected that the more you have, the more the performance of the app may become worse as it has to load all of that content. If this is the case for you, consider downsizing your library, this will definitely alleviate some of the issues.


Hope this helps.

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Yes, its very large.
It's very sad to read that since I have been a premium user for decades
and really like the way I have my music arranged. And it's a shame that
the platform can't stand a big collection.

But why it on an ipad is not slow.
Android: extremely slow
Windows: slow
Web: not as slow
Ipad: ok

Hey @elidealista,


The performance of the app varies between different platforms and devices so it's expected to see a difference in loading times. In any case, it's advisable to try reducing the number of playlists in your account.


Thanks for understanding.

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I already deleted a lot of playlists and folders.
Still, the difference between navigating on Android, windows, the web and an ipad is huge.

Android and Windows are EXTREMELY slow.
Chrome is slow but acceptable
iPad works perfect.

It's not the nwrw either because I've tried it with other wifis or 4G.

If it was my account wouldn't I also have trouble with ipad?

I reinstalled Android 's and Windows apps and still the same extreme delay that makes the app impossible to use.

The only place where I can have a good/ decent fast navigation is the ipad but it's not the device I use the most.

Please hel!
I've been using the app in PAID version literally for decades and it's so sad that I can't enjoy my library.


Hi Spotify


Yes I have exactly the same problem. My Android 13 Google Pixel 4a is painfully slow, after something happened (re software upgrade?) with the Spotify App about 5 weeks ago.


Now it takes ages to do simple things like load podcasts, delete played content & switch between categories (re Your vs New episodes).


I've cleared the cashe, erased old files and uninstalled/reinstalled the Spotify App. But still the same painfully slow performance problem. Clearly one of the Spotify App developers did something in the live environment at the start of November which has IMPACTED Android 13 users.


Please, please can you fix guys. 

I strongly disagree with Spotify’s response here.

Hi Joan

Please could you ask someone to revert to the pre Nov'23 Spotify App edition? Since this earlier version didn't have these 'frustratingly slow' performance issues that are presently being suffered by many Android phone users. Thanks

Hi, I'm having similar issues.


Pixel 7 Pro Android 14

Spotify Premium Individual

12 public playlists, 5 followers, 316 following

One large play list ( 9364 songs )

The issue.

I like an eclectic, uncurated listening experience, hence the large playlist that I keep adding artists and artist radios to as they are discovered. When I open up Spotify in the morning I usually manually select this playlist and scroll down to a random point in the list to act as a seed for what is hoped to be a random sample of the list for the algorithm to select. It generally takes about 30 - 60 seconds for the audio to start playing the first selected song which finally starts, plays for a few seconds, then pauses again on its own for another 10 - 15 seconds, resumes and the rest of the list all seems to play fine. If I stop playing for the day and resume from the same point the next day it seems to start promptly.

So, I hope this helps.






Large playlist

Likewise - this is a garbage response that is not an acceptable "solution" from a paid service.

Possible good news.

It appears they have been tweaking and the delay issue appears to be much improved.

It only took 5 seconds for music to start after a random start in the long playlist.

I noticed another UI change (improvement? we'll see) that the playlist now has an icon on items that smart shuffle has recommended. Nice to know.


I don't agree, it's a problem on your side. Only using an older version in Android 13 works even after deleting MANY MANY playlists and folders. And it's a shame that we have to do that, when we pay for the service for many many years (more than a decade indeed). 


Now the new problem is that in the web versiy on (chrome, edge, etc) my playlists suddenly disappear. I already tried to reload, log out, log in, change browser, clean the navigation history and cookies... and still, nothing. Look at the attachment please. It seems asi if have ZERO playlists, while at the same time, if I access the android app or even the desktop app, they are all there


Captura de pantalla 2024-01-17 170650.png


Spoke too soon.

Behavior back to as it was.

Takes a relatively long time to start playing after selecting a song in a large playlist.


Agreed - Spotify need to sort this out. Its painfully slow...

Same on Windows and Android apps.


I have ONLY less than 10 lists, following 1 000 artists +.

For example, I search something on the list, it takes ages to filter it - mobile/windows.

Sometimes I add track to list which is offline list, it takes ages for a list to get downloaded fully.


From a paid app this is not acceptable. I found that new UI in windows/mobile made things worse.


Asking each time when i come to community with big banner 

Tell us what you think

Is not making our problems better.


Confirming as of last week, on Windows 11, painfully slow! I thought maybe I was having memory/resource issues, but no, both are fine. Whatever you guys did to the last build, please fix. It's really bad.

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