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I had new features like swipe to queue, playlist enhacement, pull down on my liked songs to search (now I have to touch the dots at the corner of the screen to then tap search), and I belive a refreshed UI, but one day they were all gone, and the app looks a little outdated, checked for updates on play store but says the app is update, a friend of mine who also uses spotify has an android phone (samsung s20) and he has all those features.

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Hi @juan_carlos1,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


First of all we'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app. Please follow the steps from this Spotify Guide exactly, as this will assure that all app data is cleared completely, before reinstalling. This will guarantee that you're running the latest version of the app and that there aren't any corrupted files causing this.


Note that Spotify is constantly trying to improve the user experience and sometimes there are tests of new features being run, which would explain having a feature that your friend doesn't or vice versa. 


Keep us posted on how you get on with this.





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Thank you very much for your response, I ended up doing nothing and it
fixed by itself, I tried doing a clean install before with no luck, but
since yesterday afternoon I got the features back, I guess they're being
rolled out at a different pace for different users, anyway, thank you very
much for your help, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hey @juan_carlos1,


Thanks for your reply. 


We're glad to know that everything is working as it should on your end. 


Remember the Community is here in case anything else comes up. 


Have a wonderful day too!

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