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New mobile app wrecked my offline lists

New mobile app wrecked my offline lists

The new mobile app was simply the worst update ever!

Spotify just decided you are forced to download it right away, by stating that the previous app version is no longer supported and would not open. Then, without warning you what will happen, the new version simply didn't take the offline content info, hence I lost all my playlists that were available offline. I had about 30GB offline content. Does spotify developers know how irritating it is to re-do all the offline playlists one by one, using wifi only????

I was leaving to travel when this updated was imposed to my, so I left home counting on my playlists and, "Voila! No music for you!" Besides, even with internet connection I'm unable to download songs that belonged to my personal collection (stuff that spotify doesn't have available, about half of my offline content).

Besides, the offline content files were there on my phone's SD card, so why the hell not redirect the new version to use them?? And as they were saved with those strange unreadable names, I could not restore it mannualy.

Message to the developers: if you are planning to wreck people's playlists, at least give the "not now" option.

Really really stupid update!!!

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I would guess that they wanted to beef up the music cache security so redownloading would be inevitable.

Wouldn't hurt them though, to tell users this would happen, and give the option to do it later in a convenient time.... I lost all my playlists on the way out of the house, and was very annoying. Now I have spent about 2 hours reselecting the songs, and God knows how long will it take to download all of it again....

Spotify isn't big on communicating any sort of information to subscribers. Would be great if they told us any of that, or explained why they delinked the songs but didn't delete them. You'd think if it was a security issue, they'd be upfront about it and explain all the steps they had to take to overcome it (including admitting their fault in allowing it in the first place). But only great companies offer that kind of communication. Spotify is 


I had the same problem just after I left the hotel for a 6 hour drive home.  Spotify updated and wiped out the music I was planing on listening to for the long drive.  Allowing users a week to do the update or figure out how not to wipe out the downloaded music until it can be refreshed is a must for the future.

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