New phone/lost premium


New phone/lost premium


Hi. Got a new phone (same number) spotify premium service didn't migrate to new phone.

Paying for the service for 3 months without enjoying the benifits of premium. No fun..

Tried to contact spotify. Seems impossible to this technically disadvantaged dude. 

Any thoughts?


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Re: New phone/lost premium

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Switching to a new account should have no impact on your premium, so long as when you installed the app on the new phone you made sure to log in using the same log in details as before. If you created a new account on accident you'll want to log out of it, and sign back in with the premium account. If you forgot the password to the previous account you'll want to go here and reset your password.


If you are using the same account, then I would suggest taking a look at this thread and trying the suggestions listed there. I don't believe that's what is wrong, since you've already had premium for a while, but it never hurts to try. 


If all that fails, you'll want to go ahead and contact support regarding your issue. Note that if you get an automated message from them you are going to want to make sure you reply to it, even if it came from a no-reply address. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!