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New version, new (and "scary") permissions

New version, new (and "scary") permissions

Spotify 2.2.0(.636), this one introduces a new set of permissions, namely "use accounts on device".

Anyone know why? 


Spotify has of course my full trust, but I am of that belief that it is common practice to announce why there is a need to add new (and crucial) permissions, especially delicate ones like this. And the app has worked splendidly without this particular permission, hasn't it? 


And as always, in a user-driven forum, I always appreciate facts prior to wild guessings. So, anyone who can enlighten me and others?



WAIVER: I have already searched this massive forum for this topic, and I have also used Google search with no success. I do apologize if this topic already has been discussed and answered, and is happy to receive a link to such post if it happen to exist somewhere.



Kind regards


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Hi there. Very good spot and you are right, updated permissions should be declared with a reason for said permission.

Whilst I am unable to comment on why this permission has been added to the application; I am sure that there is no malicious intent and it is an intentional addition to make the Spotify experience more enjoyable for the end user.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Hi there and welcome to the community,


I'm not sure why Spotify needs this permission, it might be a tiny feature like sharing or something. You shouldn't worry about this.

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I believe an "use accounts on device" permission is associated with social network features. I think (I repeat, I think) it's probably there to allow you to log in on Spotify with Facebook without entering the account details, with the touch of a button, if you're already using Facebook on your device.


At least that's how it works on iOS (I tap the Facebook login, a little pop up appears saying that Spotify wants to read my account, I allow it, and it logs in without requiring email and password. The same thing happens when I want to tweet a song.)

Thank you all for such a massive response, didn't expect it, or at least not so many replies! 


Nay, I do not worry. My experience with Spotify is nothing but positive.


@Rodrigo A valid point, to simplify log-in.




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