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Next/play/pause dont work anymore :o (command earphone and bluetooth in my car)

Next/play/pause dont work anymore :o (command earphone and bluetooth in my car)

Hi guys, i have a problem since 2-3 days.

Everything was ok but since 2-3 days, i dont know why (maybe an update or something, i really dont know), i have a problem with the command from my earphone.


I cant next with double clic, i cant pause and play, it just pause..

Same problem in my car, when i turn on my car (bluetooth) she just play my song and i can next, play, pause, and since 3 days nothing 😕 


I tried to reset everything but nothing work

I have the same Android (Honor 6) and i didnt change anything 😕


Others people like me ? Any helps ?


Thanks and sorry for my language

2 Replies

Hi, another victim here!

What car stereo you have? Just thinking does this problem have to do something with car stereo or just the phone: huawei honor 6.

I recently got same kind of problem, about a week ago. I have also honor 6 and suddenly my car stereo (pioneer mvh 360bt) will not show any song details coming from spotify with bluetooth. Also i cant control music anymore, meaning next/previous buttons will not do anything.

Since we both have honor 6 with same problem, it must be spotify update which broke the compatibility somehow. Or then something else, which is odd, unknown and weird. Anyway my girlfriend Sony xperia m2 functions normally with bluetooth connected to my car stereo while using spotify.

Try to listen to music with system built in music application just for the test, it is working with me, or lets say it somehow took over spotify when it decided to stop working correctly.

Møre thoughts and honor 6 users?

I dont know...its really weird and i really think that is from the spotify's update.

No technical support here ?

If it work before, i think its the update...

Thats why i really need a tech support 😞

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