No Login Possible


No Login Possible


Hi guys,


This morning on my bike I listened to some music on Spotify with no problem, but now I can't login anymore. The app on my Galaxy S3 wants me to login, so i click on Login With FB, after that it says it needs to converge my account with my FB and i need to give my username and pass. I checked here and from the start I started using the FB-login so i have no username or password.


On my iPad the app works fine and on the desktop app too. I've reinstalled the app, but it didnt work, rebooted my device 3 times also. Does anybody have any solutions?


Sorry if this is discussed in another topic as well.



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Re: No Login Possible

Community Legend have a link on that second login screen that says something like 'Im new to spotify' - if so click it and it should let you through assuming you logged ok to start with.
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