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¡¡¡No REAL Extreme quality on the new preview app!!!

¡¡¡No REAL Extreme quality on the new preview app!!!

Hi from Spain and sorry for my english.


I am a Premium user and I really like the new beta app, but I realize one thing... Turning the quality to Extreme on Streaming or Downloading doesn´t seems to affect on the real quality of the music, and remain at High quality (that is, OGG 160 kbps instead of OGG q9 320 kbps).


I notice that using a Hi-end portable IEM´s, and I have proved seeing the size of the folders.


I do too many "experiments" comparing PC app and Android´s one, and allways with the same results.


One random example... The 5 songs album "An argument with myself" by "Jens Lekman" (18 minutes more or less) takes about 40 MB on space in the PC App, and only 20 MB on Android, even turning on the extreme switch, reseting the app again or whatever...


320 kbps are 40 KBps, 2.4 MB every minute and 160 kbps = 20 KBps the half, so doing the sum, the result confirms my thoughts exactly seeing the seconds of every song in this album.


Any other has noticed this and can confirm this? Maybe it´s my tablet, but its works o.k. with the other features.

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i can't say for sure, but i was actually pretty pleased with the sound of the audio downloaded in "extreme" quality..

I havent had a look at file sizes as i dont keep any offline material on my pc.. i only use this feature on my phone.



have you had any response about this from anyone with knowledge in this regard?



Hi Gnuen2004.


No, I only notice this by myself, but I really apreciate if anybody can confirm this issue.


Maybe can be an error from my tablet or any other thing.



i have the same issue as you. There is no difference between high and extrem on my Device (Atrix).

Can confirm, no sound diffirence when tested on my dad's Android.

I also cannot detect any difference between normal, high and extreme quality on my Atrix. Worse than that though is the quality is defaulting to a poor quality with constant background hiss and static. Its not so noticeable on loud tracks, however any quiet sections, audiobooks and the start and end of tracks are really bad.

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