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No Search option on Main menu


No Search option on Main menu

Hello all!

I've just downloaded the app today by first time in my Galaxy Fame and since then I'm having problems with Search option. I know it should appear above Explore option in top left corner menu, it appears only one time after login (I did it several times) then, after searching anything, it dissappears again.

I already tried turning off and on phone, take off battery, uninstall and reinstall, checked connection, erase data and cache, and in every try Search option appears only first time y star app and then dissappears again!

I already restarted device when troubleshooting in section B.
Android version 4.1.2
Account Premium 
Space left on your device... 1.10GB 
Space left on your External SD card 2.86GB 
Is your device rooted?I
Did you set your external SD card as storage location? No
 Did you manually install an older version before installing the latest version from the Play Store? No 
Do you have the same issue when switching between WiFi/Mobile Data (If applicable)?Yes
My mobile Spotify version
My mobile provider and country: Movistar Mexico
My username: kartogu
I'm logging in with Facebook login details.

Thank you in advance 🙂
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I have the same problem on my Android Smartphone.

Thanks, Pana

Spotify version:
Android version: G750-U10V100R001C00B119
Device: Huawei G750-U10
Country: The Netherlands
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Hey guys!


Spotify is aware of this problem and they are investigating.


Hopefully it will be fixed soon! Thanks for your patience.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Its amazing that this is suddenly an 11 page thread when a day ago I could only see a few of the posts.  


I also don't appreciate being told Spotify is responding on Twitter since I'm not on Twitter & don't want to be.  Queries made here should get responses here.


Also, could anyone responding on behalf of Spotify ID themselves as to their relationship to Spotify?

Be still my heart it reappeared.  Let's see if it stays.  Let's see if it works!

Its coming & going.  Repeated out-of-Spotify, back-to-Spotify moves sometimes gets it back.


Exasperating, but better than totally-gone.



I was not asked to upgrade, now or when search initially disappeared.  Nor do I recall seeing a message that Spotify was upgrading.

Same problem - search button disappear after having expanded the "miniplayer" once. Seems to come and go randomly, but a sure way to lose it is using the miniplayer.



Android: 4.2.2

Make: Trekstor VT10416-2 aka "Volkspad"

Country: Germany

Premium subscriber



Screenshot attached.


me too.. 😞



android for Fairphone Kola Nut 1.8.5 (Android 4.3)

Fairphone FP1

the Netherlands

I find it strange that this issue still not has been fixed.

It makes me feel a lil bit better knowing I'm not the only one with this problem lol

Update: I logged out of Spotify, then logged back in. Search feature was available in the menu bar initially, but it quickly disappeared again. 😞

I have been having trouble with the search option showing up on my Samsung Galaxy S3.   Nothing triggers the absence of the search bar - it just isn't there.   I am using Version and I am in the US.  I am also a premium user, don't know if that matters.  

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S3 and i posted a (temporary) solution Here !

So I got a new phone running Android 5.1 and I no longer have an issue with the Search not appearing. Based on that and this thread, I'm guessing it's an issue specifically with Android versions under 5. I saw an update was released today, but there's no mention of this bug being fixed. I'm also receiving notifications of a "solution", but it is just a poor work-around. Hopefully Spotify can get this fixed quickly, since the only real fix so far has been to upgrade to a newer phone running Android 5 or better.

Search comes and goes like the wind on me. Mostly it isn't there, but it shows up sometimes. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not helped, either.



Nexus 4


Android 4.3

Still missing the search bar on my phone....why am I paying 10 bucks when I can't even pick out music..what the hell Spotify!!!!

Can't believe this hasn't been fixed.


Spotify without **search function** isn't spotify!!


Xperia-V /4.3



Well, they did an upgrade about an hour ago, my tablet told me at the time. I only allow upgrades when connected to wifi (otherwise my meager data allowance gets completely eaten) so it may have been released some time earlier.


I got search each time I looked, without having to shut down tablet & restart.  Hope this holds.


There are other things still screwed, like not always getting an album list when you search by artist, but that's minor when compared to no search at all.

I just had the same problem but i figured it out like in 5 min so for everyone that struggles the only thing you have to know is that theres some kind of glitch in the app and the search did not dissappear it is only covered by the 3 lines and just above the Browse line what you have to do is try and click that little space between the grey and the black. At least this worked for me.

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