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No Sound on Instagram Stories

No Sound on Instagram Stories

I can easily share to Instagram Stories but for some reason, the sound won't play. I've checked the sound on/off button when posting in stories and it's not the issue. 









Poco F2 Pro


Operating System

Android 10, MiUI 12



26 Replies

I'm having this issue too, not playing any sound at all... Any Ideas?

Device: iPhoneSE 2020
OS: iOS 14.4.1
Plan: Premium

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Can you share a video recording of what you're experiencing so that we can have a look.


You can upload the video as an attachment or send us a link from another video streaming platform.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.

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thank you for your reply!


Here is a video showing the problem:


As you can see at 00:38 seconds when I have posted the story to instagram there is no sound at all.


Looking forward to hearing from you!





Hey @eneratejosh


Thanks for keeping in touch and for the video.


We'd like to clarify that when sharing content from Spotify to Instagram stories there isn't any sound and that's how it works. You have the option to share the Canvas of a song that has one, like the one in the video you sent, but it won't play any audio, as the story includes a direct access to the specific content you shared to be opened in the Spotify app.


You can add songs to your Instagram stories but that's an Instagram feature itself and it doesn't happen when sharing content from Spotify. If you have any questions about that feature, we suggest reaching out to Instagram.


We hope this clears things up. If you have any questions or need anything else, we're always a post away.


Cheers 🙂

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Hi Carlos,


Thanks for clarifying! Ok haha i didn't know what I was doing wrong, but if it's not part of the feature then that makes sense! I do believe having the song play when shared from Spotify would make the feature 100% more useful as it draws people in to get the clicks though to Spotify more than canvas or cover art. Anyway I will suggest on Spotify Ideas forum anyway.


Thanks for your help though 🙂 Much appreciated!

its been years....

Yeah, right? It seemed obvious to me that when you share a Canvas it goes with the music... 

Then how come I can hear a preview on other people's story when they share any song from spotify to instagram?

##- Cus they share from insta, not Spotify and its the long way to do things, an inconvenience -##

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Spotify is click hungry and gets paid from stream on their apps but the funny thing is they’re doing themselves a disservice this way. No one clicks the links. If the song played and we enjoyed it we would actually click the link and favorite the song, but literally NO ONE wants to click a link on a story to open another app when most of us think of it as a chore to watch stories in the first place. 

I agree. We need to somehow make it so that Spotify songs play a clip on Instagram stories. I think it would be better for all parties involved. 

I agree with you, other users on Instagram share music to their story from Spotify and it pays the music. Even had the Spotify link, everything the same as my share except mine had no music sound 🙄

That's not true...Did spotify change something within the app???...I know for a fact I have shared numerous songs from Spotify to insta and face and the song shared showed the canvas and played the song...What changed???

I remember a few years ago you definitely had music playing when you shared music so it was a decision to remove that feature. I learned about way more music and searched on Spotify way more when this was still available. 

the only way to add music to your canvas on instagram is create a new story on instagram then add music from the list and at the end add a link to your song on spotify to invite people to listen to it inside spotify  rock on guys 

Agreed, this is a major bummer that this functionality has "silently" changed.  Especially since all of the documentation on Spotify indicates that the Facebook story will play a clip.  I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, reading their documentation and wondering why it does not work.  It is sad that Spotify takes the artist's money like this and then provides out-of-date, wrong documentation for us as an additional reminder that we don't deserve it. There is probably more to the story, but who knows -- no one tells us. It appears that there is a long, undocumented process for doing this.  First, you must get your desired image, e.g. canvas, onto your phone photos.  Then post that photo to your story, and I found that after hunting around a bit, there is a way to add music, and lo and behold I could select my own song from Spotify. Ok.  So then how do you link your story post?  There isn't a way to do that but you can add a "sticker" that is a link, after you have found your song on Spotify and copied the link to use.  Wow.  This is massive amount of friction and work and lack of documentation, for what ought to be a simple integration.  Maybe I am missing something. Update: I don't have a link sticker!  It is not in the sticker options.  There are posts online saying, just add the link sticker. But it is not there.  This is why I don't use Instagram stories. I found the way that you can get on your knees to petition Instagram to let you put a link on your post, so I'l wait to see if I am verified after sending them sensitive PII. This is starting to seem like more of a Meta problem than a Spotify problem. But wouldn't it be great if we could just share from Spotify as it appears to be designed?

Except some songs do play a sample when you share them on insta and Facebook. Some play a sample when you share. You get a preview of the sample and your friends hear the sample sound bit when they view your story. but sometimes it refuses to play a sample when you attempt to share and will only share a " canvas"  (When you share the song from spotify to your social, nothing else extra in bithbif these cases) so the question remains. Now can we get a response from someone who actually understands the mechanics not just postulating an excuse.

Clearly this is an issue that a lot of people care about being resolved by the company. I, too, love sharing music to my IG stories and only recently did my friends actually confess that they almost NEVER click the links that I post, thus defeating the purpose of sharing songs!!!


Spotify would be smart to fully integrate sharing both Canvas and the audio from the song so users don’t have to work so hard to share music with their friends. 

I had a weird situation with sharing song to story. This happened 2-3 days ago.

I have 2 IG accounts and I did try to post a song to story via share button and IT HAD MUSIC ON.

So I go through my other account and tried again but there was no sound on that account. So I switched back again to previous account which had the song playing and tried to share again via Spotify share, and yeah there I had the song playing again 😄


I wonder if they're going to implement this feature?



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