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No bluetooth media controls as of last update

No bluetooth media controls as of last update







Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android 8.0


2011 VW CC 2.0T with RNS510 stereo (no track names, but was controllable until update)

My Question or Issue

 since last spotify update, bluetooth media controls no longer work (cannot control fwd/back/pause from Car steering wheel) these worked just fine until the day i went to premium and the app updated. If this isnt resolved quickly, I will revoke my membership.

first things first. The following was attempted (i did search for this issue and tried everything mentioned):

No android wear is installed, so that is not the issue

reset/cleared cache and data for bluetooth, bluetooth midi, spotify

force stopped bluetooth,bluetooth midi, spotify
uninstalled/reinstalled spotify
tried lowering bluetooth standard. apparently note 8 only goes as low as AVCRP 1.4


Im sure ive forgotten some of the things attempted. Any ideas?

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I guess revoking your membership is the only solution to your problem because nothing gets fixed quickly by Spotify if a large number of customers isn't affected. 

I just experimented. I had renamed the BT car stereo on my phone to my BT headset. The following morning the basic screen was back. The renaming alone isnt what worked I guess. Not even sure if that had anything to do with it. It seems that what has worked for me is that while connected to the car stereo, I turned on my headset as well which caused dual BT to turn on, on my phone. The screen immediatly switched to artwork view. I was able to turn back off my headset and it stayed in the desired view. Hopefully this works.


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