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spotify doesn`t save to sd card

spotify doesn`t save to sd card




Samsung J7

Operating System



When I started to use my new phone a couple of days ago I chose the sd card option and then saved around 1000 songs but spotify magically deleted all of them today. And now the sd card storage option is gone as well. When I look at the app info I can see 9 gb data. So how do I fix the sd card problem and is there a way to recover the songs from this 9 gb data without downloading them again? I'm on a bus right now and I won't have access to wifi for the next 2 months so re-downloading 9gb of music is not an option.


P.s. I did not remove the sd card. There is a spotify file inside of the sd card android file.


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I have the same problem. You can fix it?

Following because I am having the same issue.

Same here

Following because I'm having same issue. Wish Spotify would just leave the app alone. They have a update a week and EVERYTIME it updates it gets worse and worse with bugs and crashing and downloading out of the blue and now this storage issue, bout to cancel and go to Rhapsody 

Rhapsody? :runs off to investigate before her next Premium charge gets

Cousin has Rhapsody and I've never once heard him complain of any issues with it

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