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No internet connection when WiFi is working perfectly - Android Note 4

No internet connection when WiFi is working perfectly - Android Note 4

My wifiis running perfectly at my house yet Spotify is not letting me connect still. However, It lets me connect when I'm on 3G.

I am using the most recent update of Spotify on Android 5.0.1 on a Samsung Note 4 

I have tried re-installing it multiple times, I have cleared all the cached data, tried checking for any left over cached data and there was none. I have also triple checked all of my settings. I have restarted my router as well. Nothing has worked. Also restarted my phone about 4 times. 


Please help

2 Replies

I have the same problem with my BLU Studio X phone but I can usually either 'fix' it by restarting my phone or if  I had something paused from before I can unpause that and it will start playing and finally figure out that it does have access to the internet. Try to pause whatever you're listening too and then the next time you go to use spotify then unpause it and see if that works. It's not a real fix but it might work for the time being.


---------------Below is a vent, not immediately relevant to your post...

I'm not really surprised by this (and the many other problems it has) as spotify seems to be worse than microsoft when it comes to buggering things up that work with each new update and then relying on people they don't pay to debug their shoddy work (for those keyboard warriors that come here and say **bleep** like "buy premium if you don't like it!" this is why I won't buy premium. If their free doesn't work, why on earth would I pay them for a product that I know isn't going to work? It's like buying a Ford Focus when they first came out; you knew they weren't going to work and you'd have to have it fixed every couple of weeks. It makes no sense). They eventually get around to fixing the problem once it's been reported but that only lasts for a little while until the next update comes out and then they've buggered something else and you have to wait again until they get around to fixing the new problem(s) they created themselves.


Just a thought for the developers: how about fewer updates that you've thoroughly vetted rather than many updates that have all kinds of bugs and problems?


After thought: the math and logic skills of the developers suck, as evidenced by their horrible randomizers which don't change their seeds (one of the major downfalls of any randomizer which means any time you start from the same point you will get the exact same order of songs as before) and further backed up by their so completely stupid and illogical reply.replies (at least to anyone with a half decent understanding of math/logic) on their blog about how randomizers work and why on a list of several hundred if not thousands of songs you might hear the same song five or seven times out of say twelve songs played, so you can't expect too much from them.


Again, to the keyboard warriors....


If you can't say anything nice....

I had this issue for the past month and I was finally able to fix the issue yesterday. 


I just set an static ip for the WiFi network I was using in my phone. That fixed the issue instantly.



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