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Spotify closes when using other apps

Spotify closes when using other apps



my Spotify App shuts down every time when I swith to another App, f.e. Whatsapp, Facebook, runtastic.

The whole app closes itself after some seconds and I have to restart Spotify.


When I am runnig Spotify on my smartphone and the app is open, nothing happens and I can listen to my music.

I heard about problems with old SD cards, perhaps that might be a problem?


I am using:

LG G3s

Android 5.0.2

Mirco SD  HC 16GB


Any other information needed?


Thanks for help!


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Reinstalling the app always helps. Do you use power saving mode? I don't know the fix but power saving mode restricts background apps. Also, in  the developer options in settings, change the background apps limit, it might help. This can also be a ROM problem, but, I hope this reply still helps 🙂


Sorry for bad english 😄

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