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No internet connection

No internet connection

For the past few weeks I have been unable to get an internet connection while on mobile. I have an HTC One M8 on t-mobile. I've reinstalled the app and rebooted the phone several times. I've checked storage location, all of my settings, and just about everything I could think of. Spotify works fine over WiFi, but I can no longer stream or use the radio function on the go. I don't want to cancel my subscription because of it. Any help?
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Hey @Jrawr and welcome to the community!


Please follow the steps in this guide:

Especially the part with telekom and ipv6/4. Let me know if that guide didn't help you.

I have the same phone same network provider same problem and now seem to just get a black screen. Seems like a lot of work to have to do to get a app I pay for monthly to work. Beats app is looking better.

This seems to work for now. I have seen that for some others the setting eventually reverts to IpV6. Will update if such occurs. 



The issue only seems to be temporarily fixed. Shortly after switching APNs it will automatically switch over to the locked tmobile version. This is continuing to be an annoying inconvience and I am currently looking into alternatives to spotify as I do not wish to pay for a premium account which I cannot use halft he time. 

Can you make sure you follow the guide and look at the thread sticky at the top of this forum regarding T-Mobile and the M8

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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I did. It seems that once I created the alternate APN, the M8 will automatically switch back to the locked APN which leaves me without access to the internet while on mobile as far as Spotify is concerned. 

Hey jwawr,


We're all dealing with this problem of locked APNs, no internet connectivity, etc.


Check out the sticky at the top. I've been HOUNDING upper management via email and then posting them on here to get some kind of action going.


They've been extremely slow or unresponsive and we're at wit's end.


Sit tight, i'm trying to get everyone effected a couple free months for this shenanigans

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