No metadata to car stereo

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I do not have any metadata being transmitted to my honda civic exl stereo 2014 from my phone. Just says "no name". I have uninstalled and re-installed the app. I even did a factory reset on my phone. Nothing works and the "Help" on spotify is useless.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Andoid 5.1.1

Honda Civic EXL 2014


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I think is not a spotify app problem, I'm asumming that you r using bluetooth so maybe it's a bluetooth configuration issue in your stereo. You should check settings and look for something related to metadata bluetooth and staff. There should be an option to configure what data is being catched in your car.

It's not very likely but you also should check something related in your phone under bluetooth configuration, just in case.

Casual Listener

There are no settings to manipulate in either the car stereo or my phone related to metadata for bluetooth. Metadata is transmitted without a problem from samsungs native applications.  I never had this problem when I had this same galaxy s5 running android 4.2. Makes me think it is a spotify problem. It would be great to get some help.