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No option to change to Internal Storage (phone memory)

No option to change to Internal Storage (phone memory)

Idk if I'm the only one who has this issue. But, as I kept on getting the "Download Error" due to full SD card storage. It's not letting me change it to Phone memory instead.
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Hey mamaniwaxnmigz, thanks for your question. I need a little more information to provide an accurate answer, please!
1) What phone model are you using?
2) How large is your SD card? (You can find this marked on the card, it should read "8GB" or something similar.)




I'm using a local phone which is Android. If you can see I have no option to switch the storage from SD card to Phone storage. My SD card has 8gb capacity and it's almost full, that's why i'm switching to Phone Storage instead. Unfortunately, there's none. Does that mean that I need to buy a new SD card with larger storage?

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