No option to sync offline songs on Android

No option to sync offline songs on Android

Hi all,


Got a problem. I'm a Spotify Premium user, and Id like to Sync all my playlists into offline mode on my phone - rather than having to download them or stream, and use up all my monthly mb dowload tariff.


Problem is, there is no option to do this. The only option is to 'download' playlists. I've watched the online help videos for syncing offline playlists on Android phones, but the thing is my 'version' of Spotify on my phone seems to be completely different to other Android devises - the layout, the options, everything!


My phone is the Orange Sand Diego.


Does anyone have a similar problem, or had a similar problem but managed to find a solution? 


Thanks all

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Downloading the tracks to you phone would sync them. Sorry for the confusion, there might be a little conflict of semantics there!


Enter the playlists of your choice, and then select "Download Playlist" at the top. This will sync them to your device for offline use. It's best to do this connected to a Wi-Fi network, to save your data allowance on your phone. 



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Thanks. So if I do this are you sure I won't donload the actual song and use up tonnes of MB usage? Last time I clicked the greed download button at top of the playlist I used loads of monthly MBs

Hi there,

not sure what you're getting at - syncing (or downloading in the app's parlance) means getting the data onto your phone so you can listen to it while in offline mode, as you suggested in your first post. By definition this means that loads of data needs to be transferred over your data connection so that it can be available in local storage. If you are worried about high data usage make sure you are on wifi and not 3G

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