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Unable to unstar tracks

Unable to unstar tracks

On my HTC Evo Design 4G (Sprint) with Android 3.14.651.0.710 RD, using the Preview release channel, I am unable to unstar a song from my device. Here is the procedure to reproduce:


  1. Open your Starred playlist.
  2. Press the right side of an entry to show the gutter for that entry.
  3. Select "unstar"
  4. Leave and return to the playlist, and the song will still appear. This also persists through application restarts, and does not affect the contents of the playlist when viewed from the desktop version.

Additionally, if you unstar a song from the "now playing" view, it will not be properly unstarred.

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The version in the Google Play store is an improved upon application than the one on the Preview page. I'd recommend downloading it from either Google Play or to ensure that things are running as they should.

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