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No sd-card support in android 4.4?

No sd-card support in android 4.4?

I have an Sony Xperia ZR which got an kitkat-update a few days ago.

Everything seems fine except that Spotify no longer stores downloaded songs on the sd-card.


The phone has only 4,6GB internal available memory, and around 1GB after I've installed the apps I use, so unless I can use my 64GB card for offline songs it is quite useless.


Is it possible to fix this, or is the only solution to downgrade to android 4.3?

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There's an open escalation with spotify at the moment on this. In the meantime, the solution would be to root the phone but, hopefully we'll have more news soon.



I have rooted earlier phones, but I think it demanded a bit too much time, so I hoped i would not have to root this one.


After this update Google has practically rendered all phones with small internal memory useless.

A lot of my apps use a lot of storage, so now i have to delete and be careful to not download more than needed.

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