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Spotify update wifi bug - SG2 w/ solution

Spotify update wifi bug - SG2 w/ solution

Spotify just ran an installer which handily deleted all my music from my phone and uninstalled the last one (bit crap, but oh well, guess there must be a good reason).


Big problems on start up, my Samsung SG2 would not login via facebook.  Would display text showing it had communicated with FB but then said 'error lost connection' before it could finish.


It appears that the problem is because I am connected to a WIFI device that is not an internet router (it is an audio video hub with no internet access).  I had a fully active 3G connection which worked fine with everything else.  


I managed to login successfully when I deactivated the WIFI.  It then seemed happy to log on in 3G.   It may be slightly more complicated than that but it seemed to fix my issue.

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