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No songs category

No songs category





Xiaomi mi a2 lite

Operating System

Android 9

Spotify version



My Question or Issue

After one update in March I'm not able to play all my songs in random as I often used to do. In fact, the "all songs" category doesn't exist anymore (just 3 categories now: playlists, albums, artists). I don't find logic to eliminate this option to play your music. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something?



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Yes I have the same issue. At least if this category is removed add the ability to shuffle ALL songs from ALL of your saved / downloaded Albums. Currently if you want to shuffle it will only shuffle the album/playlist you are playing.

If you go to your home page and find the "Liked Songs" folder, that's where they all are. You can shuffle your entire library. It isn't a TAB, it's a folder, with a heart on the front.

Thanks but on the iPhone app there does not appear to be a Liked Songs Folder in the home page,  thoughts?

That’s strange. I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus and it shows up on mine.


"Liked Songs" is a playlist under Your Library (at the bottom) > Music > Playlists > Liked Songs. It is purple/blue with a white heart in the middle. 

Well there ya go! Lol thanks.

With this new update (that I am not happy about), can you please advise how I can listen to all my downloaded songs? Bascially (before the update) I downloaded my fav albums then go to the songs category and filter by downloaded and just listen to them all. I cannot see a way I can do this. My liked songs do not have any of my downloads and I have over 4000 liked songs as I have had my account for about 10 years! That playlist I find useless actually! No I can only go to the downloaded album or playlist.. which is too time consuming in my opinion!

Hi avihen, 


If you prefer to only listen to your downloaded media, you could take your account offline (you'll need to come back online once every 30 days). This will allow Spotify to only play and search for downloaded songs for you. You can find more information on the update, and a small part about downloads, here: 

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