No space left on SD card

No space left on SD card

Verizon Galaxy S3 running on Android version 4.4.2


All a sudden my offline playlists I had downloaded to my SD card undownloaded. This happened twice over the span of 2 weeks. I have done a full reinstall about 5 times and the issue keeps happening.


Now, I can't even redownload any of my offline playlists without getting the popup in Spotify saying there is no space left on my SD device, then Spotify shuts down and I can't reopen without doing the full reinstall all over again. This is despite my 32 GB SD card having nearly 25 GB remaining. I am at a loss, please HELP!

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Please read the guide linked below for details on the most common issues and how to fix them. Usually a clean install is the first step to take and resolves most of the usual issues; the guide details the steps to take to ensure a full 'clean installation' is achieved.

[GUIDE] How to fix common issues for Spotify on Android

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