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Not all songs available

Not all songs available

Just curious as to why I'm not able to play all the songs in my playlist on my phone?

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This is the same problem I am having, and I'm really annoyed, because I was planning to use Spotify to play music at my wedding on Saturday... 


I'm a Premium subscriber, and many songs on my playlists were grayed out from my phone in online mode (using the Android app). For most tracks that had this problem, I was able to resolve it by right-clicking and selecting "Update Info from Gracenote". If that didn't work, in some cases I had to search for the song on the Spotify library and re-add to the playlist.


There are still a few songs that I legally own, but are unknown to the Spotify library, so I'm not allowed to play them. Even after I download the playlists for offline use, these songs never become available. 

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