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Not possible to add songs to queue on Chromecast streaming

Not possible to add songs to queue on Chromecast streaming

Hi there,

since two days I am Not able to add songs to queue when streaming on Chromecast (no matter which of the chromecasts).

My girlfriend is still able to do it.

I have an Samsung Galaxy 8 with Android 8. Spotify Version arm V7

She has an galaxy 7 also with android 8.

Spotify Version armV7.


Somebody else with this issui?



Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey folks!


Thanks for posting about this. We're sorry to hear that you're having troubles adding songs to the queue while using Spotify Connect.


No worries, we've reported this to our tech folks. 


In the meanwhile, if you're experiencing this, we'd suggest heading here and clicking +VOTE to stay updated on any changes. You can also leave a comment with the requested details there if you wish.


However, if this occurs when you aren't using Connect from your Android device, you can head hereand add your votes instead.


Thanks for bearing with us while we solve this issue 🙂

46 Replies

Same issue here. Not only on my Android phone (A5 2017) but also when trying to add to queue from Spotify Windows

Me too, it's been happening for a few days. Everything is on the latest update. 

You also using a Samsung?

Me too. I'm using a Google Pixel 2 and the Windows 10 App. I can't add anything to the queue on both systems while using the chromecast. Same happens while casting to a Google Home Mini.

Same her on my OnePlus 5 and got an Chromecast audio that's causing the problem. Really annoying, please fix this Spotify! Thanks.

Same issue here. When running Spotify on Windows or Android phone itself no issues. But when streaming to any of my Chromecasts can not add songs to the queue like I did before.

Got help from SpotifyCares on twitter. But all suggested did not work. Reinstalled Spotify apps, restarted chromecasts, restarted router. I still go to see if there is an update for Chromecast firmware. 

I've got the same problem, only with Sonos speakers instead of Chromecast. Would greatly appreciate a fix from Spotify for such a vital feature...

This is happening to me as well on a Moto G5.

Same problem here. I already reboot both cellphone and chromecast and didn't solve the issue. 

I have an ASUS Zenfone 3 with Android 8 and Spotify Version arm V7

Same here! Nor queues from Samsung galaxy s6 or windows will play. 

Yes. I have just discovered the same problem. Queue works fine on just the phone, but when casting via Chomecast audio, Spotify ignores anything added to the Queue. It says the song is added to the queue, but then it just doesn't show up in the list. 

I can confirm that the queue feature is also broken when casting to a Chromecast from my OnePlus 3T (Android 8.0, Spotify armV7) or from my girlfriends' LG G6. Very annoying! 

Same here with Android and Google Chrome...plz Spotify fix this!

Same thing for me on my Samsung S8 and Chromecast. Infuriating.

Same here with an Honor 8 on Android 7. The queue works fine on the phone, but not when I'm casting to the Chromecast Audio 

Please fix this Spotify! Updates should increase usability, not decrease it! 

Similar issue here. Used to work just fine but add to queue doesn't queue any more in chromecast specifically. I addition my connection to  chromecast is flaky and won't showup on the devices menu


One plus 6

Oxygen OS 5.1.11

Android 8.1.0


Same problem for me 😞


Chromecast homegroup + Android 8.1 (OnePlus 6)

Yep, same problem. In fact, none of the following Queue functions work while casting to Chromecast:


  • Add to queue: open song options (3 dots), select add to queue, returns to screen (check queue, song is not there)
  • Remove from queue: open queue, select song, select Remove (circle is highlighted, but nothing happens)
  • Move up/down in queue: open queue, long-press song, slide up/down (song can be moved up or down and it looks like you've moved it - but nothing happens, songs will be played in original sequence. If you leave queue and return, songs will be in original order)

I've noticed this in the last week or so. All functions work as expected when not casting.


Here're my specs:

Spotify v

Samsung S8 SM-G950U

Android 8.0.0

Chromecast 1.32.124602 (Gen 2, TV)

Home v

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