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Not tracking thumbs up/down in radio

Not tracking thumbs up/down in radio

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 on Android 6.0.1. The radio doesn't seem to track thumbs up/down. I keep hearing the same tracks over and over regardless of which action taken. Usually the next time the track plays my thumbs up or down selection is cleared. Seems to happen more and more as a specific radio is used. This happens on both my phone and Desktop (Windows 10, 8, 7). I've had this issue for over a year and even contacted email support on it last year which resulted in about a month of trying troubleshooting steps, which included reboots, reinstalling, etc..., even deleting my old account and creating a new one. At the end I was told it was a known issue and that was it. I was told to create my own playlist as the final resolution and promised 2 months of premium for credit (of which I received one, but not my complaint, just a sidenote). Since then I have performed multiple software and app updates to no avail. I'm finding it hard to believe this issue isn't fixed at this point. Why even provide the thumbs up/down option? Placebo? I love Premium and the library that you have access to but the radio feature is by far my go to, just wish it would work better.
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Yeah, spotify radio seems to have been a work in progress for some years. I guess that competing with Pandora is low on their list of priorities. I tend to steer clear of the prebuilt radio stations and use playlist radio instead for a slightly better experience.

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