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Not working

Not working

My spotify hasn't been working on my android phone for a couple days. Tried deleting my app and re-installing but still not working. Any suggestions?

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When you say not working...does it error out? Not let you open? etc? 

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I think I am having a similar issue.

My spotify app worked fine (apart from the very occasional crash) up until a week ago.

I am using a Samsung S5 running the latest update of Android. I try and start up the app but it will show a black screen with Spotify in the top corner, which will stay for around 3 seconds and then the app will crash. After a clean installation, the app starts up prompting me to log in via facebook or with my details. At this stage the app will not crash, however long it is open. But once I log in, the app shows a loading prompt then the black screen with Spotify in the top corner before crashing. This has happened in the same sequence everytime after a clean installation. My account works fine on my desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I only really use spotify on my phone and currently cannot do that.

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