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Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Notification and lock screen controls not available on Android 7.0 Nougat

Music controls in the notification shade and lock screen only work about half the time. The app has full notification permissions, and battery optimization is off.

Also, streaming to my Chromecast Audio cuts out often. Streaming from my desktop works fine.
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As mentioned here earlier, if you don't have widget on lockscreen, you first need to enable it in system notification settings, and it will show up.
Next issue discussed here was, that the widget on lockscreen was not precise, but that was solved (at least on Honor8) with latest update from Huawei/Honor. 
Currently on my Honor 8 with Android 7 on EMUI 5.0 (FRD-L09 with B389 update).
If you want lockscreen album art, then you need to downgrade to Android 6 and EMUI 4.1 as far as I know.

one issue was somehow notifications got blocked, and that also kept the controls from showing up--WIERD that they have it set up that way. I enabled notifications and on lock screen and voila. The controls showed up just fine. Did the same thing for SONOS, and now those controls show up to. I guess they bundled it all together.

Hmph. It works fine under Android 7 for other apps, including Google Music.

I tried
1. Enabling notifications for spotify
2. Making sure app power saving is off
3. Going to "Lock screen and security" then "Notifications on Lock Screen" and turning on the permission for spotify.

It worked. 🙂 hope it will for you guys too.

Guys I solved the problem with clean install of my stock rom with hisuite. Im using P9 Plus and I started to update from b181. Now my version is B380 and this weird problem is gone. Before the updates control buttons were working wrong. Just to solve this problem I tried rooting and nearly lost my phone so Im writing this to prevent you guys doing the same thing. Just download firmware finder for huawei and try every update until you get B380. I strongly recommend updating with hisuite not with dload method.

Just found the usual solution. Go in to app settings for Spotify. Select notification and select all the options you'd wish to. Viola you have the mini player back in your lock screen!

I went through the comments for solution as I use Huawei Mate10. It's theme related. I have changed my theme to something else and now it appeared on my lockscreen 🙂 Hope this helps other peeps in the comments

Yeah I have the same problem, wanna change the song in the block screen or y my second screen on the lg v20, is very frustrating =s

As far as I tried now, i dont think there is a way to show the controls on tge lock screen on my huawei mate 10 pro with emui 8.0 😞 

I tried pretty much everything thats listed in forums, nothing works. Hope for helpful reply 🙂

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