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Offline mode on. Get thrown out. Can’t log back in. Try workaround. Lose all downloads.

Offline mode on. Get thrown out. Can’t log back in. Try workaround. Lose all downloads.

@Community Managers


This issue has been raised before, but it seems the threads aren’t monitored as nothing was ever done about it.  See, it was marked as solved here A workaround was proposed, but the guy who proposed it didn’t take into account the problems with this workaround pointed out in the replies by some users. He also said you couldn’t present a timeframe for the fix. But that was EXACTLY one year ago today. What the **bleep** did you guys do all year?


I often get logged out of the Android app for no apparent reason. If I was in offline mode before the logout I can’t log back in. A message prompts me to go online, but I’m only able to do so if I was online at the end of my last session. So you see the problem? You’ve suggested a reinstall as a workaround. Some users have come up with the idea of clearing the cache. Both actions, for reasons known only to you and whichever deity you worship, wipes all downloaded tracks.


Say it happens at night while I’m asleep. I notice moments before leaving for work, so there’s no time to do the reinstall and set everything up the way I like it. Even if there was, not much gets downloaded. I’m forced to listen to disgusting local pop or house or dance or rap stations (ALL our local stations play disgusting pop or house or dance or rap exclusively. There’s no rock or metal anywhere to be found.)  


I get to the office and the only way to keep from going insane (Yes. Insane. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t read, I can’t write, I can’t run, I can’t lift, I can’t bathe, I can’t shake hands with the president, I can’t drive, and I can’t work without music) is to stream to my PC via the company’s wi-fi. This is seriously frowned upon, so I have to sit there for nine hours hoping to the God that I can’t imagine exists that I don’t land myself in a 10 foot deep pool of **bleep**. Streaming or downloading to our phones are even more egregious offences, so I’m not taking any chances with that. If I’m careful I can at least get away with downloading the app, though.


On the drive back I have nothing to listen to, because I can’t stream (assume I’ve got Spotify up and running), because I can’t connect to the internet, because where I’m from mobile data is **bleep** expensive. So the disgusting pop or house or dance or rap it is then. By the time I get home I’m so grossed out that I need to scrub for two hours to wash that garbage off me. Scrubbing is hard work, so when I get out of the shower I pass out next to my bed, having not gotten around to going back online.


So the next day feels like Groundhog day, except that this time, after the shower, I force myself to keep my eyes open just long enough to kick off the downloads via my home wi-fi. Downloading 20 gigs takes like 15 hours because of South Africa’s **bleep**ing slow fixed line connections (Third World problems).


Day 3 and I’ve only gotten half my songs back. I have to pause the downloads for most of the day for reasons explained above, so no progress is made. But at least my suffering is alleviated – I don’t have ALL my music, but I have SOME of my music. I go back online when I get home, and Friday morning everything’s there. All is fine and dandy.


 Two weeks later I find myself in a situation where I need to go offline once more. I… get… **bleep**ing… kicked… off… AGAIN!!! And so it goes.


I ran Deezer for a month or two before I switched over. I can’t go back there. It’s horrible. Spotify is superior in every way, shape and form. EXCEPT when it comes to issues like these and your disinclination to address them. And for some of us these are serious matters. Music is my life. I would **bleep**ing DIE without music. When these things happen there are moments where I feel like I’m inches away from a nervous breakdown.


Please, please, PLEASE, I beg of you, for the love of all that is good and holy, FIX THIS!


Fix the random logouts.


Fix the offline logins.


Fix the file deletion. (As I understand it only the app can read the files, so it’s not like there’s much risk of piracy, and what’s the user gonna do with them if his subscription expires anyways?)

1 Reply

I have also had this problem occasionally.  


Yes, I delete the android app, reinstall, change password, and redownload my 3,000 songs on extreme quality every few months.  There never seems to be a rhyme or reason.  I don't go over 30 days offline, my phone doesn't do anything else weird, etc.  Very annoying!!!  


It always seems to happen right as I am getting on a flight or taking a road trip too.  Twice I have been stuck on a flight listening to the great harmonics of screaming babies instead of the great Spotify app THAT WE PAY GOOD MONEY TO USE!


Please, for any and all things Holy, fix your program!

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