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Offline playlists constantly being reset, what is happening?

Offline playlists constantly being reset, what is happening?

I was recently on a trip to a place without service and when I get there I find all my offline tracks are no longer downloaded. This has happened twice since then. I redownload everything and it continues to happen. I saw someone else got a Spotify employee to reset the offline tracks and it helped them, how do I get that for myself?





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I have the same problem.

My offline lists aren't available anymore either. I run a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact device, model D5503.

same problem here, really annoying

Xperia Neo V + S3 same here. İ redeownloaded my all songs 4 times.

I'm going to use another service if it's not resolved soon

I need to push this once more, today all my offline playlists on the phone all of a sudden showed as unsynced again. It appears like the offline data is still there, I even tried disconnecting from the internet and playing some of the tracks (which worked to my surprise), but they are not recognized as synced, and now back at home with Wifi Spotify started downloading 2000+ files.


Any reaction from Spotify concerning this issue? If this bug is not fixed soon, I will most probably quit my subscription, no need for a service that is not reliable when traveling.

Same here!!! ITS ANNOYING!

Hey there.


This happened to me, again! It popped on Android saying I have used Spotify on 3 devices already and now Offline content will be removed from my phone. it is so uncool! I have almost 11 GB of music now and all removed. I needed actually to reset on Spotify page all my devices at once, to make sure it never happen again in time. Please, Spotify listen me: I don't have any other devices than my laptop and smartphone. Windows and Android. There is clearly no 3rd device!!!


Also please notice it takes AGAIN ages to download this using my 1 Mbps Internet.


Many thanks for reading.

Same happend to me several times (HTC M8, CyanogenMod 12.1). I deleted all synced devices via spotify webpage but for an unknown reason spotify is creating a new device of the same phone every day. As soon as three divces are reached the offline playlists are disconnected and all offline links are gone, although the files are still saved on the sd card. After trying to download my playlists again, I noticed that spotify then uses my internal storage. Only complete cache delete helped to store the songs again on my sd card.

Same problem, different list. this has been a problem since atleast 2013!  >

Same here! Spotify says "more than 3 devices" but I just have one. If this issue isn't been fix in 1 month I WILL QUIT! I have spotify since 2010...

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