OnePlus 6 Issues


OnePlus 6 Issues

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OnePlus 6

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Oreo 8.1 July security patch 


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 - Spotify (I only use bluetooth headphones with my device):

  • App notification (So I don't need to turn on device fully to change music) only works sometimes, other times, the device won't show it, but music will play, and i need to restart my device for the Spotify music controls drawer to show up again
  • When disconnecting bluetooth sound sometimes plays through my phone instead of pausing
  • Spotify app has randomly shut down on me before (Even when app is locked to not close)
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Same issues for me. App doesn't show the notification, randomly pauses playback or completly crashes.

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Experiencing the same issue.

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Same for me


Same here: no app notification when I pull down & controls not working when in app.

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Yep, same issues here


Yup, exact same issues as you. wth Spotify.


Same here. 


Same exact problem here


Same thing here ! Worked perfectly on a One Plus 3, and and number of issues on One Plus 6 is totaly unbearable !

Can't see which music is on since the notification is blocked on the first song played.

While in the app, I have to switch between the lecture bar and the full screen lecture mode to unlock and go further on a song.

I use Spotify in my work with my computer, and and my cellphone was supposed to be be back up, but I simply can't rely on it...


I'm having the exact same problems too, also when I go into my Spotify app it displays an old song that is paused in the player at the bottom, even though I can still hear the current song. I have to pull up the large player view for the song and playback to update 


I'm experiencing the exact same issues with my OP6, please help us diagnose whether this is an issue that Spotify / OP needs to fix, thanks. 

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So yeah. I have all the same problems as listed above. I'll just list the problems I've noticed so far to make it easier for a moderator to make a list out  of.


- App shuts down ramdomly

- Keeps playing music after disconnecting headphones (3mm and bluetooth)

- Does not update song names on car bluetooth

- Does not show up on lock screen or notification bar so I have to open the app manually every time I want to change the song

- When I change to next song, the app does it once, but if I try to change it again, it only starts the same song from the beginning. (Fixed by clicking back button and opening the "big view" again

- Widget doesn't update songs (it could use a new design too)


These problems are VERY annoying, using the app feels unbearable. I have loved every minute using Spotify so far, but if these HUGE issues are not fixed, it might lead to me finding other services to use for music.


I sincerely hope these issues are fixed soonish.



Try turning off battery optimization. That has been a problem with OnePlus 6 in several apps, and helped for me.

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I've been trying your suggested fix since tou told me about it but the same
problems persist.


Agree to all mentioned issues. Turning off batteri optimization does not help.

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One more problem I encountered yesterday. Changed songs from my phone while spotify was playing on my tv. Since that my phone is somehow forcefully connected to the tv and if I try to adjust the volume while spotify app is open, it tries to change the volume on the tv, not on my phone. Only getting out of the app allows me to change the volume of the music. And yes I tried changing the option back to "this phone" from the "connect a device" setting which appears under the pause button.

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Has anyone heard anything from either OP or Spotify?


Experiencing the same issues - using Spotify is unbearable. 



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Oh, also: my search function won't work unless I'm on Wi-Fi.


OP 6

Just updated to Android pie / 9.0 resp. Oxygen OSS 9.0

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Most of my problems seem to be fixed after the OS and app update. Haven't had the chance to test everything yet, but atleast I haven't ran into anything yet.