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OnePlus 6 & Bose QC35 playback issue

OnePlus 6 & Bose QC35 playback issue






OnePlus 6

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OxygenOS 9.0 

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I have an issue with my Bluetooth headset and a new version of Oxygen - or this is where I think that the problem is.

As I listen to music I have "clicks" and disturbance in music. For some reason, it is worse on some tracks and less bad with some else. One of the worst ones is with this track:

If I connect my phone to my JBL Bluetooth speaker there is no issue with sound. If I connect my headphones to Samsung S7 - no issues.

So the only issue is with the setup:

OnePlus 6 & Spofity & Bose QC35.

All of my devices have the newest software and I have cleaned phones chace and removed the Bluetooth connection from both devices several times.

How to solve this issue and what is causing the problem?


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Hey @asimply.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out 🙂


Is it possible for you to try streaming some other kind of music (not from Spotify) using the OnePlus 6/Bose QC35 combination and seeing if you experience the same issue?


Looking forward to hearing back from you!



Thank you for the reply and I have now new information to this:

- OnePlus has launched a new update and I installed it: it did not help

- We did try the same thing with my friend's phone (same model) and the issue is the same.


No the most important notice:

This same problem came out with Google Play.


As this is also happening with Google the issue is not in Spotify`s app. The issue is between Oneplus 6 new firmware (9.0.1 and 9.0.2) and Bose QC35. The Bose is working just great with all other Bluetooth devices I have tested so the issue is in OnePlus 6! 

Hey @asimply.


Thanks for getting back to us and trying out the things we suggested 🙂


We hope you manage to find a solution to your issue! 

Let us know if there's anything we can help you with that concerns the Spotify app - we'll be right here if you need us 🙂

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