Push notifications not working

Push notifications not working






iPhone 5S, Windows 10 app from MS store, MacOS app from spotify

Operating System

iOS 12, Windows 10 1803, MacOS High Sierra


My Question or Issue

 I have ALL the push notifications turned on, but on all devices in all operating systems and form factors fail to recieve push notifications all together. This has been an issues since the start of my account when it was transfered from my account that was LOCKED to a facebook account I no longer wanted. The customer service of changing that over was a nightmare in itself an I am fed up with sending spotify money for such an inferior product. If this cannot be resolved, I will be moving on from spotify. I can say I have recommended the product to lots of friends and its a shame that they have let me down time and time again. I will no longer tell my friends "spotify is a must have".

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On top of this issue the "community" is really confusing and I looked for a while to find a button to post a new topic. I have no clue how it ended up listed in the "Android" section as this is the only device I dont have.. You guys have some work to do. Im suprised this product comes from Sweden as most Swedish things are much more well engineered and thought out than this trash.

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