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Only some songs won't play from local library

Only some songs won't play from local library


Plan: Premium

Country: UK

My Question or Issue:

I've trialled and errored this about 20 times now and cannot work out for the life of me what's wrong with it.

There's these 2 albums i have downloaded, Spotify doesn't have them thats why i had to download and import them, all the songs are .mp3 format and work like a charm on desktop. I have created a playlist on my desktop with these songs, and then set them to download on my phone which is fine.

2 songs (annoyingly, my 2 FAVOURITE songs) from these albums are greyed out and just won't allow me to play them on my phone. Yet i can play ANY other song. It shows the little green download icon like it has downloaded, but it just will not play the 2 songs at all. I've tried reinstalling the app on both my desktop and my android. but no matter what i do, just these 2 songs won't work. I have downloaded these 2 songs directly onto my phone and they work fine on google music. But spotify just WILL NOT PLAY THEM. And it doesn't seem like there's a valuable reason for it. Any advice? 


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