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Opt out of Clean Versions for Radio on android

Opt out of Clean Versions for Radio on android

I listen to all types of music, but when I radio rap, which tends to have strong language, it gives me the censored versions.  Is there a way to opt out of this feature, as I despise censorship especially in my music.  Please fix this because I'm an adult and should be able to choose whether I want to hear adult content.

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Let me find out if this is possible.


Community Ergo Sum

Could you please start a new radio station based on an explicit track? Just to see if this does give you more explicit tracks or just refuses.

Community Ergo Sum

Also have a look around the Ideas forum - there are a few ideas already there about implementing an explicit opt in or out option - if any of those grab you add your kudos - the more kudos the more ideas are to be considered by Spotify
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