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Spotify is constantly deleting my offline tracks.


Spotify is constantly deleting my offline tracks.

As it says in the subject the spotify app keeps erasing all the "offlined" (downloaded) tracks, after the whole playlist (ca. 600 tracks) is downloaded. This problem occurred after the latest update I believe it was: 

Im running it on the international version of the HTC ONE X android 4.0.3 without unlocked bootloader, root access or custom rom.

I searched the problem and I saw a lot of people were getting the same problems except they get the 3 devices error. Which does not occur in my case. I have recently reinstalled my phone, I thought that might be a possible cause.


Any thoughts how to fix this ? 


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in that case I can try resetting your offline devices from this end. That will mean you'd have to resync everything. Do you want me to go ahead?

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Hi there,

run the through the trouble shooting steps here and report back
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

After the problem first occurred i tried that. After an hour or so when the playlist was fully downloaded it was gone within 10 minutes (the app was still running and playing songs in the background) I noticed that the song that was on stopped for about half a second and then continued. I was curious so I checked and all the songs were gone again! The app was playing it over H+ connection.


The list of things i tried include:


Re download playlist

See if the same problem occurss with other playlist (it does)

Erase Spotify data from Android apps configuration.

Erase cache

Erase all traces of spotify on my phone

Reinstall Spotify App

Reboot device


All this several times.


After all i still love the app and the concept! Keep it going!

I hope this is enough information. If not, just ask 🙂



Hi Mark, I appreciate your patience 🙂


Would you mind terribly using the template in that troubleshooting topic to provide us all your technical info? Just copy/paste it here.

Community Ergo Sum

Mark, did you recently change phones? It looks like you're trying to use already downloaded Spotify data (cache) on your SD card on a second device.

If so, the only way to resolve this is to wipe the Spotify data from your SD card and start over; so to speak.

Community Ergo Sum

No, I did not change phones but I did reset the divice aas i said earlier.

I have already done this and it has no effect?!?


here's what you asked for:

1. I did a complete reset of my device
2. I installed Spotify (newest)
3. I downloaded one of my playlists
4. I started listeing to some song and use other apps at the same time.
5. The music stutterd and i checked the app.
6. The offline playlist was nog longer downloaded

7. I tried redownloading te playlist
8. It finished downloading
9. I restarted the app
10. The music was gone again

11. I searched the problem
12. I noticed that i was hungry so ate a grilled cheese sandwich
13. I also noticed that people who were getting the same problem got some sort of banner telling them the playlist was downloaded on more then 3 devices.
14. I do not get this banner

15. I follwed the troubleshooting procedure
16. I logged out and on
17. I restarted the app
18. I rebooted the phone
19. I deleted all traces of spotify on my device
20. i reinstalled the app
21. the same problem occors

22. I did the last 7 things a couple of times

Did you restart your device when troubleshooting in section B?

What I expected to happen
I expexted that the app would now actualy store the songs one my device for more then 10 minutes

What actually happened
It did not

Device model
HTC ONE X (international (tegra 3))

Device’s Operating System
4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

Is your device rooted?

Are you using a custom ROM, if so which one, exactly?

My mobile Spotify version

My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)

My mobile provider and country
Hi (KPN), The Netherlands

My username



I'll add screens later i have to try it all again to make them. I hope you understand.




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in that case I can try resetting your offline devices from this end. That will mean you'd have to resync everything. Do you want me to go ahead?

Community Ergo Sum

Yes absolutely I only have spotify installed on two devices my One X and my PC. If that would solve the problem I would surely appreciate that!

Done. Give that a whirl now.

Community Ergo Sum

Im downloading the playlist now, this might take a while. I'll let you know if it worked.


thanks in advance

I think it worked i restarted the app and even rebooted my device. The playlist is still there! Thank you so much!

Awesome! I'll go ahead and close this now. Have a great weekend.

Community Ergo Sum

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