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Option to DISABLE auto start spotify android app

Option to DISABLE auto start spotify android app






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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Can you explain in more details what you mean. 

You reboot your phone and Spotify automatically starts?



Ah sorry, forgot to add message.


No, what I mean is, everytime I connect with Bluetooth, Spotify starts playing music. Connecting wireless headphones, in the car... I get the idea of it, but where this falls down is when Spotify is stopped and you take a phone call, and after hanging up, Spotify starts playing music without being asked to. Not very professional when travelling with a client and death metal starts blaring out after a phone call.


There doesn't appear to be any way to stop it. FORCE CLOSING Spotify does not help. Turning off "autoplay" does not help. Cache cleared, fresh install, up to date etc.


The result is that I must modify the Bluetooth settings between my car and my phone to "call" only. Not very efficient.


Any advice would be appreciated.


But for me this is what you normally want. You listen to spotify, you got a phone call, spotify stops, you take the call, you finish the call, then spotify proceeds.

I don't understand why this is not professional because before the call you were already playing the song. Or do you mean that it proceeds with another song?


Also the question is if this is a spotify thing or a car system thing, so If you would play a mp3 or would listen to the radio, wouldn't that be the same?




Sorry, to be clear: I have closed Spotify. I have force stopped it. I have cleared the cache. No music is playing. Silence. Professional. I take a phone call. I hang up. CANNIBAL CORPSE!


My "Music" app does not behave this way, tested last night by uninstalling Spotify and making a call.


Clear. I don't have an answer right now but I will come back to you.


Thank you for describing the issue in detail.



Thanks René, I appreciate it.


For any Spotify staff monitoring:




Can you tellus how you are hanging up the call? Are you hanging up by pressing the red "hang up" button on your phone, or are you doing it by pressing another button on your phone or on a headset remote?


I suspect that you're using a headset, and that the button on the headset's remote which is used to hang up a call is the same button that is used to pause/resume playback on a default music device on the phone, and that this is the reason why hanging up is also triggering Spotify to resume play, even if it's been force closed. 


Please let us know how it happens exactly.





I don't have a headset. I'm using my steering wheel controls. There (annoyingly) is no button to play or pause music on the steering wheel, which is why this is so much of a problem - I have to use my car's screen to navigate to music and pause again.


It seems crazy that this is happening when I have force stopped Spotify and for all intents and purposes have told Spotify to pipe down and yet when ending a call, Spotify stands up and decides this is its time to shine.


Thanks for your help with this so far!


Just some more questions:

  • Does this only happen when playing from the car, or also outside of the car?
  • Are you using Waze/Android Auto?
  • Can you send a picture or preferably a video of the behaviour?



Hi, sorry for the delay, I've been mourning the loss of my widget.


Happened when using Bluetooth headphones also or when aux wired.

No waze/android auto.


You'll notice past tense there - behaviour abruptly stopped upon loss of widget.


Thanks again for your help with this, it's people like you who have made Spotify worthwhile since @SpotifyCares don't seem to be interested in their customers and lurch from one catastrophe to another. I've had Spotify for eleven years now and have been locked in an offer with Vodafone for two years. I'm keen on moving from Vodafone to EE but EE only provide Deezer which I'm not familiar with.

The regular disappointing downgrades to Spotify, constant bugs, faulty updates, and failures to obtain artists and even individual songs from within albums has prompted me to look around however and I have to say, Deezer is great; everything Spotify was six years ago before this nonsense.

So I will be signing off today for the last time. Thanks again for your help.

Haha, just before I go, I have just found this setting in the Deezer app whilst setting it up!Screenshot_20190813-182159.png


Is anyone from Spotify going to provide an answer to this problem of Spotify automatically starting with bluetooth devices (in car, etc...)????   Is there a way to stop this???


If not, what are the best music streaming alternatives??? Deezer???  Anything else I should consider if Spotify just tells us users, "Too bad; take it or leave it"  - - If that's the case, I'll gladly "Leave it!" 


Thanks for any tips!!! (btw, I have been a "premium subscriber to Spotify for quite some time.)



  1. Just use the android settings for device notifications, applications, and set to block.



The way you said it... CANIBAL CORPSE!! - - - >> Hillarious!! 🤣🤣🤣👊🏻👊🏻

I have the same issue. Everytime my phone connects to Bluetooth, Spotify starts. So annoying

Nice, really hate this problem! This is a bug not an idea, I have multiple devices linked to my phones and I do want to play music when I press play button on the phone. Having music on when you link your device is the same like turning on **bleep** when you power on the computer!


Having the same problem here when using a GPS. 
I pause spotify. Force stop it. And when the gps give an instruction spotify start to play music. It's really annoying when you want to speak with someone without the music playing... In the end I just uninstalled it...

Navigation apps do not have to be in use. The second I start my car and my phone connects music starts playing. Spotify is not open. Navigation apps are not open.


I hope this is clear enough.

The problem of Spotify spontaneously turning on even though it has already been forced closed and paused and everything else is maddening. In fact, I'm using voice transcription to write this reply right now. Spotify was turned off before I started voice transcription. Then it spontaneously started after I finish voice transcription. I think the bug is that Spotify has a flag to turn back on after using voice (or any other action that triggers it to pause temporarily), but it has no flag to INSTEAD return to its PREVIOUS state. If the previous state was no music playing, then that's what it needs to return to, not to start playing music out of nowhere! For me, this problem seems occurs only when I'm driving in my car.

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