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Options click area is too small

Options click area is too small

At a banquet party recently, our DJ had to leave due to a family emergency so I was left to dj the rest of the night with Spotify. I was happy to do it--Spotify is reliable, and our connection was good. But I always knew how faulty the options button for each track is on the Android app given that it's so skinny with no clear divider. As I'm adding to the queue I'm hoping I don't accidentally start another song as I'm attempting to tap the options button. It's as if you have to tap right on it in order to activate it, or you risk starting a new song. Of course, this happened during the party--I interrupted a great dance and was met with boos from the crowd simply because the area around the options icon is too small. I'm a UI/UX designer and it should never be that hard to tap on an icon with accuracy, especially on a giant Galaxy Note 3. Please fix this. Allow more room or at least create a clear separation between the clickable area for the options icon and song. After this, none of us wanted to even touch the app for fear that we'd make the same mistake and the crowd would think we were incompetent. That emotional negativity is a usability fail. I may have not been able to mix songs that night, but fading songs together in a good playlist should have been doable without fear of tiptoeing around icons. Thanks.
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