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Paid for Premium on Android X but still says I'm a free user

Paid for Premium on Android X but still says I'm a free user



I just bought Spotify Premium on my DroidX (and through it) and when I clicked on a playlist I made prior to and tried to play a song- It says "Sorry cant play this track! and to subscribe to the Premium service.  When I click on "get Premium" it redirects me and says congrats, you are a Premium user.  WHAT IS THIS!


Does any body have any tips Spotifyians?


Thanks much!



11 Replies

Am having the same issue right now!

Glad to know I'm not alone- let me know if you figure anything out.

Same here - I just upgraded to Premium after not having it for a while but the app doesn't recognize me as a Premium user.

Yeah, I just signed up and then cancelled after a couple of hours of getting the 'only premium users can...' popup on my Android despite having subscribed.


But apparently the payment processor works fine 😛

having this exact problem with my account on my Samsung Galaxy s3... subscribing worked fine but no premium features unlocked....

Me 2!  Ugh... Also wont sync with my spotify on my laptop

Mine is still not active, Paid for it quite some time ago. 


Still no response from Spotify contact

Apologize for any indignation.


There is a slow server, so updates for paid account are slow. Spotify is informed.


Be patient.


Try clean reinstall for now, it will help.

yup same issue here too, sux

what does some time ago mean?  Are you still not able to get your music on demand? 

If you have this issue immediately after paying, then try logging out and back in again once or twice (on the phone) - maybe that will force it to check and update to the fact you have a subscription
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