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Pausing randomly on Android

Pausing randomly on Android

I am from Australia running Android 10.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S9+. The music randomly stops - with the phone locked or unlocked - but the symbol doesn't change from a pause to a play sign. I tap the "pause" symbol and the music will begin playing again, but it is not from the point of the song that it cut out at. It has continued to play at normal speed but the audio has not been outputting. I do not have my device on battery or data saver mode, and I have allowed all possible exceptions for Spotify in regards to background usage. Fix your app.


I have been experiencing this issue for months and frankly it's **bleep**ing ridiculous that I'm paying every month for a service that doesn't work properly and doesn't provide useful support to it's customers. Every thread I have seen recommends the same advice - to restart the device, update the app, and "change networks"(?), followed by a cheery "keep us updated!"


The people in the comments do update them, the advice doesn't **bleep**ing work and they need to fix their app. Only the moderator is long gone by then telling another hapless customer to restart their device. 


Fix your **bleep**ing app so it plays music continuously.



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Ive just upgraded to the S20 & Im experiencing this too - soooo frustrating! Its mutes my music, I push volume & it returns to normal then it'll mute it again and I'll have to restart the app to be able listen. Its doesnt ever pause my music, just mutes it! Im paying for premium too - grrr.

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