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Play Queue Starting Over After The First 5 Songs

Play Queue Starting Over After The First 5 Songs

I've been having this issue since using Spotify connect  where I'll take a playlist with about 100 songs on it, shuffle it, then after it plays about the first 5 it starts over again at the first one it shuffled. This only ever happens on my andriod device. I noticed that the app does a lot of weird stuff when it's constantly being disconnected and reconnected to wifi whenever the device is in transit from point A to B. I don't get how this is an issue because I'm a Premium member so I have all my usual playlists downloaded for offline use. 


This is another issue I brought up a few weeks ago regarding more of the app's bizzare behavior when it losses wifi:

This problem hasn't been asnwered yet either.

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Okay, here's what I mean about the play queue starting over. Today I pused music using the in-line controls on my earphones, then 2 hours later I plugged them back in and resumed my music with the in-line controls (I never unlocked the screen during this process) and started flipping through tracks using the in-line controls while walking to the bus stop, and after I had flipped through about 7 tracks, the play queue repeated the first track it had resumed playback from.


This screen shots shows a duplicate track in the play queue afer it had started over from the last resumed track. Note that I do not have duplicate tracks on this playlist.


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