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Play on android phone gives pause on chromecast and reverse, no sound at all

Play on android phone gives pause on chromecast and reverse, no sound at all

Have a problem with playing the music on my chromecast with the spotify app on my phone.

When I have it on play in the app on the phone the song is showed as paused on the TV the chromecast is connected to. If I put the song to pause in the app it is showed a playing on the TV. There is no sound at all coming from either phone or TV.


This problem just showed up today, never had this issue before. I tried both restarting the chromecast and re-installing the spotify app, nothing worked.


Any ideas?


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same here. stupid rubbish apps

Same problem that just happened today as well, haven't found any troubleshooting that fixes yet.


Got some kind of an answer from Chrisopher C at their chat-service:



"Checking, at the moment Spotify on Chromecast will only work in the following countries:

- US

- UK

- France

- Germany

And also, first edition Chromecast devices will not be compatible for playback."



"TBH, I'm not sure of the exact reason why it's suddenly removed. "


In other words: Spotify wont work om 1st-gen chromecast, and not at all unless youre american, british, french or german.


Does anyone have any experience with Apple Music or Tidal?


I can't think of a valid reason why streaming through chromecast would be suddenly restricted to certain countries. This sounds like "fake news" to me. Certainly spotify still works fine on my chromecast with a Polish premium subscription.


I can understand them phasing out support for older devices but to do so without an announcement is unforgivable.

I was thinking the same thing...


I don't know which part did the trick, but heres what i did:

Reinstalled the Spotify app

Reinstalled the Google Home app

Factory Reset on my chromecast(held the button down for 15-20 sec.)

New chromecast setup.


Didnt look like this worked so i just hit the pause/play button like 50 times and waited for a few second. Now it works.


Just... amazing. Let me know if the trick does it for you guys

Update: Confronted them about their bull**bleep** answer. They didnt admit to anything but i got a free month. So..

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