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Playback pauses / stops randomly mid track (Android S9)

Playback pauses / stops randomly mid track (Android S9)

Plan - Premium

Country - DE

Device - (Samsung Galaxy 9)


My Question or Issue

Spotify playback pause mid track.

I have seen a number of reports on this and followed a number of solution suggestions including:

- Check for Spotify optimize battery usage is OFF.

- Check Spotify is not on the list of sleeping apps (Even Turn off "Put unused apps to sleep"

- Ensure phone is not in Power mode = Optimized

- Turn off adaptive battery

- In Spotify account on webpage - Log out of everywhere (every device)

- Uninstall unknown apps that may cause interference

- Clean cache, logout of app, restart phone


(Actually, it shouldnt be need to turn off many of these useful S9 Optimization features, just because the MIGHT affect spotify.)


Nevertheless I have tried all of these and although some solutions work for a bit and I think its comes back. 


This occurs for me mostly when I listen at work connected to the WIFI but listening to downloaded tracks that would be available online. Screen is off.


What I have noticed is... When it stops and I quickly check the phone to restart the music......I have NO mobile signal..

Could this be a cotributing factor, even though I am connected to WIFI and listening to downloaded tracks?






3 Replies

Hey @RFin39 thanks for reaching out to the community with your query.


Yes, the minimum data coverage or the lack of signal can and usually is the reason that Spotify will stop and pause. In addition if you really want to fix this you can go into your settings and change the music quality too low which could help with the playback error. You could also try if you have premium downloading some songs beforehand like your daily mix or your most favorite playlist, that could be helpful if you're in a low of service area. And that doesn't work please let me know, because it could be a device and or an account issue.



Jack 🙂 

Thanks Jack,
Thank you for the suggestions.
They are of course very valid if I am streaming music.

I am a premium user and listening to downloaeded tracks.
At the same time the device is connected to the WIFI network (which incidentally blocks spotify) and I am in a low phone signal area.


I just noticed that when a pause error occured, coincidentally the phone network had dropped off.
I am now testing by disabling the WIFI network which blocks spotify.

That leaves me connected to 4G in an area where signal drops off.


I am just wondering if something in the way spotify tries to connect to the outside world, under certain conditions also causes a pause. 

It would be curious though why connection issues would ever affect listening to donwloaded content but I believe I have ruled out all the other sensible phone/battery specific conditions. Its difficult to know what other app/phone/account issues could cause it.
(Hmm...I did also recently discsonnect spotify from facebook.)

The pausing has been going on for a while now on my Z5 compact and I too have tried all the suggested fixes, it's only recently that I have noticed that downloaded tracks in offline mode are pausing whenever the GSM network is lost, like in shops that are bunkers or dead spots out on the street. It only happens with Spotify and not my other playing apps which is sad really because it's so annoying.


I don't suppose you guys could team up with USB Audio player Pro like Tidal did, it would mean I didn't have to jump ship to Tidal just to hear a complete song!

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