Playback stops after each song, the playlist doesn't advance to the next song.

Playback stops after each song, the playlist doesn't advance to the next song.







Samsung G920V.07

Operating System

Android version 7.0


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Spotify version My phone was updated 5/6/2020 and since then it will play one song from a playlist then stop. I have to advance to the next song and click play.

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I actually was able to resolve this by uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Uninstalling removed all my downloads but now my songs play and I can get new downloads. I don't mess with my setting so I don't think that was an issue and I had plenty of room for data too. The version was the same before and after uninstalling and installing.

Thanks, twenger50. Tried the full reinstall and that did the trick!

I have the same issue on my G920V, Android version 7.0.


One additional note is that it keeps happening, so I have to reinstall at least once a day.


It seems to happen after I open the app and I get a popup saying something like, "That didn't work" with a button saying something like, "Try Again".

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


We're currently aware of an issue causing the behavior you describe. We suggest you go to this Ongoing Issue and add your vote to it by clicking on the +VOTE button. 


Make sure you follow the steps provided under Status Update as well. 


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