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Playback stops at random

Playback stops at random

Spotify stops playback at random. This used to happen less frequently in the past, but now it does it at random intervals between 5 seconds and 1 minute or so. The issue only seems to occur while I'm walking outside with my device in hand or in a pocket.


My device is Asus Nexus 7 (2013 version with 4G radio). I'm running Android 5.1.1 but the issue has occurred on earlier versions of Android as well (can't remember if it happened before Lollopop).


To solve the issue, I've tried:


  • Uninstalling Spotify and then installing it again from the Google Play store
  • Restarting my device
  • Fully downloading the playlist and playing it in off-line mode
  • Changing some Spotify settings: Streaming quality, Download quality, Sync over cellular (on/off)
  • Turning WiFi on/off while within WiFi-range
  • Turning mobile data (4G) on/off
  • Closing Spotify client on my PC so that it's only open on Android

None of the above has had any change in the behavior.


Sometimes I've noticed that the playback stops at particular locations outdoors and I've wondered if some mobile network traffic somehow interrupts it, but I have no reliable way to reproduce this.


I've also wondered if the issue could be with my headphone cable, but nothing happens when I move the cable or its plug around indoors.

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