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Playing wrong/different song

Playing wrong/different song

So this isn't new but every other topic I've read is about how their songs get replaced with a different song including the name and everything, my issue is when I'm in one of my playlist and go directly to a specific song (that I've listened to countless time before) the; album cover, song title, and recording artist are all the same no reason to think it'd be different, when it starts playing it is nowhere near the same song. It's a (depending on the person) very noticeble and iconic song too. The song in question is "way down we go by kaleo" on YouTube it's right, on spotify it's an entirely different song but the only noticeble different at first glance (obviously the song) is the song duration. Otherwise if I clicked on it and forgot to turn my sound up I wouldn' have even had a clue.

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I noticed that as well. Tried playing way down we go and its playing a rock song. Sounds like avenged sevenfold....

Yeah, exactly, and this isn' the first time this has happened, I think I've lost about 5-6 songs now due to this. I only use spotify because it's easier than downloading songs and keeping them on your phone, plus it' easier to find new music. But if I can't even listen to my favorite songs cuz they just get scrubbed over, like... You know.

Yeah it plays Zdrajca metalu by Nocny Kochanek instead of Way Down We Go by Kaleo. I mean it's a good song buuut...

But it sure as **bleep** isn't way down low lol

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