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Playlist changes order randomly

Playlist changes order randomly





Czech Republic


Samsung Galaxy A50

Operating System

Android 9


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I love have playlists with music, I always sort song by artist, that means that the songs are sorted by the artist and if it is the same artist it is by the album. But now I have the problem that only on my phone, those playlists change order randomly. They are still sorted by the artist but songs from the same artist are randomly. And when I play them in order it plays in even different random order. I like to listen to complete albums or live shows in right order, what can I do to make those songs in the order I want? I have no problems on my computer, those playlist are sorted just like they should be.

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. 


Can you make sure that your not pressing shuffle play, when trying to play a playlist? That could the the reason why. Also make sure if you want to play it in order you go to the playlist and just click the first song, it will then play in said order.



Jack (✷‿✷)

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